For me the benefit of the performance studio has given me a fantastic insight to where my swing was going wrong. Combined with the very clear instruction from Alex on what to concentrate on in order to improve has been a very pleasurable and successful experience.

The ability to review the session and see the stats at my leisure is a real bonus I credit AT Golf Coaching for giving me a much better understanding of my swing and my faults. I am enjoying my game more and, I am pleased to say, featuring in the top five more often than I was.  Credit where credit is due, it is a great facility and often recommend it to my playing partners and colleagues.

Brian Collins

I have used the Performance Studio and the Putting Lab; they are stunning facilities that have helped me understand my game, both strengths and weaknesses, and have given me the strongest possible base to both improve and enjoy my golf.  Give them a go, you won't regret it!

Chris Stock

I had six lessons with Alex over the winter in the performance studio and the sessions really helped me to understand my set up and swing and to indicate improvements over a four-month period. The combination of Alex's knowledge and the use of the technology were key. I would recommend trying AT Golf Coaching for a modern and thorough approach.

Dave Dawson

Many thanks for my lesson my game is so much better well worth the money if any one is interested.

Derrick Moore

Alex and his team provide a brilliant service - straightaway they were able to home in on areas of my game that were holding me back, using a combination of modern technology and old-fashioned straight talking! Spend time with these guys and your game will improve.

Joe Lane

AT Golf Coaching meets every golfers needs with a large range of equipment and first class facilities for fantastic lessons with the pro’s.

Johnny Griffiths

I have found both the Performance Studio and the Putting Lab to be really beneficial to help improve my game. The Putting Lab highlighted a fault I didn't realise I had and The Performance Studio gave me lots of information as to the general shape of my shots and the points I needed to address. None of these problems were obvious when I was on the range or out on the golf course.

Keith Buggins

After one lesson in the putting lab, I've progressed from ‘trial and error’ shots, to two-putting 80% of the holes on my last round - I am absolutely thrilled and instead of being apprehensive on the green, I can’t wait to try out my new skills!

Marie Dolman

Particularly useful is the ability to see what is clearly happening within your swing and the simple step by step advice on how to improve things. Added to the opportunity to reflect on this with the video summary it means you can take your lesson and the ideas with you for weeks after the actual lesson.

Martin Latham

High quality coaching that has improved my game greatly. There are plenty of places that offer lessons closer to where I live but I wouldn't change.

Matt Smith

My series of lessons with Alex has re-ignited my enthusiasm for golf. No longer having to worry about the banana fade with every drive has made quite a difference. Alex’s patience and enthusiastic coaching has really set me on the right path.

Michael Jenkins

Alex taught both my grandsons and shaped their swings for hopefully a future lifetime of golf and started them off with confidence. They loved the video comparisons, which instantly gave them the understanding of the mechanics of the swing. What a great feature that your technology allowed them, both right handed and left handed to be taught side by side. A great present for any youngster!

Mike Bray

I fancied taking up golf again after 20 years away from it, in one lesson Alex gave me three really good tips to work on and the confidence that my swing was ok to start playing again.

Having the video feedback is brilliant, being able to see the before and after really helps. He also helped me decide on a replacement driver, which he customised for me. Most of all though I've been able to take this onto the course, my driving is better than it ever used to be.

Peter Robinson

Excellent feedback from recording, instant improvement.

Richard Hood

I have had two very good lessons with Tom and frankly wish I had done it sooner as a player. He has made me more aware of areas to improve and enjoy the game more. It is great to have such lovely facilities and coaching so close.

Paul Engelbrecht

I was given six lessons as a Christmas present. I've had three so far and they have made a tremendous difference. The fact that you can see yourself on the playbacks with advice on how to make corrections is invaluable. You can then make the corrections and see how it has changed on the video playback.

I'm left handed and being able to bring up left handed professional golfers to show how it should be done is very helpful. I was slicing the ball badly and now the majority of my drives are straight. Also my short game and my chipping has improved a lot. I've got a way to go but I have already been recommending you and your video system.

Ross Stewart

The lesson defiantly helped me,went to the driving range today 3 out of every 4 balls dead straight and hit the ball much further than I had before.

Martin Rees

I developed my golf game with support from Tom and the guys at AT coaching who offer professional, personalised coaching, focusing on your individual needs and goals.

The technology in the studio is fantastic and gives instant feedback, which supports the knowledge of the coaches who are always willing to give feedback during, after and in between lessons in a way that suits all learning styles.

The set up at AT coaching is fantastic and thoroughly professional, with constantly developing resources to support every aspect of your golf game. In my opinion, a must for all golfers looking to develop their game!

Alex Allard

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