Putting Lab Lessons

50 minute Putting Lab session

£40 per individual lesson

Due to the amount of data produced by SAMs at AT Golf Coaching we will not offer a putting session shorter than 50 minutes in length. During this session we would get an in depth analysis of your stroke and technique on our SAMs PuttLab 5 and work with you to interpret the data and work out what we need to do to improve. We will also get your stroke on camera from a number of angles allowing us to slow it down and compare your technique to the top tour pros. At the end of the session again we would email you a video with voice over to refer back to at a later date.

2 Hour Putting Lab Evaluation – £75

This 2-Hour evaluation is no normal putting lesson. This is perfect for your golfer looking to invest in a new putter as well as improve their technique. This session will include a full SAMs analysis report, video analysis session, green reading guidance, and pre-shot routine work as well as an in depth custom fit for a new or existing putter. We will talk you through length, weight, grip size, head style, balance type, and face type. And of course at the end of the session again we would email you a video with voice over to refer back to at a later date as well as any relevant SAMs data.

Putting Package 1 – £100

2x – 60 minute putting session + Putting Mirroe (Save £10)

The ideal package for making a tweak, with an initial session to make the change, and then a follow up session to reinforce and continue improving it, this package still benefits from having the putting mirror to help you monitor and improve your practice.

Putting Package 2 – £150

1x – 2 hour putting evaluation

2x – 50 minute putting sessions + Putting Mirror (Save £35)

The ideal package for someone looking to make numerous adjustments whilst being able to monitor their progression over the sessions, the 2-hour putting evaluation allows enough time to collect plenty of data and explain changes. Whilst also showing and giving you appropriate drills to help you maximise the changes and practice.

Putting Package 3 – £200

1x – 2 hour putting evaluation

4x – 50 minute putting sessions + Putting Mirror (Save £65)

This package looks at more creating and monitoring your putting over a period of time, the perfect package for golfers of all abilities. This putting package enables adjustment and fine-tuning whilst also being able to assess other parts of your putting. Allowing you to become a more complete and competent putter on the greens.

Putting Package 4 – £400

1x – 2 hour putting evaluation

6x – 30 minute putting sessions

6x – 50 minute putting sessions + Putting Mirror (Save £130)

This package is designed to enable you to maximise your putting potential. In this package, we will cover each aspect of your putting to help you achieve a true understanding of your traits and tendencies and how we can monitor/ manage these. With this we will also improve your technique whilst giving you drills to make your practice time more effective. With this package it will be structured throughout using the sessions as and when they’re needed.

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