Playing Lessons

9 Hole Playing lesson

£70 Including Green Fee.

No hidden costs.

Due to not having a golf course on site at AT Golf Coaching, we are very pleased to offer this session at local golf course, Sherdons Golf Centre, located in Tewkesbury. (For more information about Sherdons Golf Centre, please visit This session is ideal to help us improve your course management and how you think your way around a golf course.

Studio To Golf Course

As well as this, out on the golf course itself we can see how you have applied your technique changes that we have worked on in the Performance Studio and Putting Lab, ensuring that what we see in our coaching environment is indeed what we are seeing on the golf course. This is a very important lesson as golf is about having less shots, not just a perfect swing. This session will help you do exactly that, get round the course and in the hole.

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