The Performance Studio 2017







Performance Studio 2017

Introducing our brand new swing studio. Opened in early 2017, this state-of-the-art facility has everything you need to help play better golf. Featuring the latest Flightscope Xi Tour launch monitor, which accurately measures over 25 metrics relating to your swing, club, and golf ball. This allows our PGA Professionals to build a thorough picture of your golf game.

Working in conjunction with Flightscope, the new swing studio has three 240fps high-speed cameras capturing your swing from the usual down the line and face on positions, as well as now offering an aerial view from above the head. These cameras are linked to the industry leading V1 Video Analysis software. This combination makes analysing your swing far more efficient and easier to understand. By being able to break your swing down in super slow motion and compare it to an endless supply of examples from the world’s best players, learning becomes far more fun and effective.

The introduction of SAM Balance Lab completes the fantastic hardware on offer. SAM Balance Lab is an ultra-high resolution pressure plate that evaluates weight transfer during the golf swing. Poor balance or irregular weight transfer can lead to a multitude of different problems; this technology allows our Professionals to zone in on, and fix those issues.

All of our studios feature premium Huxley PTT2 mats, the closest alternative to hitting off real turf. Most range mats feature a hard base layer and short bristles making them feel harsh and unforgiving, the longer bristles of the PTT2 surface more accurately reflect the feel of turf as well as allowing players to use their own preferred tee height rather than set rubber tees.

Our climate-controlled studio ensures that whatever the weather, you can still practice and improve. Here at AT Golf Coaching we are proud to use Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1X golf balls for all our lessons giving you the feel and flight of a real golf ball every time.

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