Custom Fitting

The importance of a custom fit set of golf clubs is often underestimated among golfers. No matter how much money is spent, if the clubs are not built to suit the individual, the golfer will almost certainly suffer from a loss of distance and accuracy.

Golfers of every level from beginner to tournament professional can benefit from the advantages of custom fitting. Due to the growing demand for custom fit golf clubs the manufacturers no longer charge extra for most alterations and so golfers can benefit from this without any extra charge.

Here at AT Golf Coaching and Gloucester Golf Centre we offer two different custom fitting packages.

Standard Custom Fit £25

(Refunded on purchase)

During this session we will help you decide on the brand and model of clubs you wish to purchase using one of our launch monitors.

Once decided we will check the length, lie angles, shaft material, shaft flex and grip thickness made to suit you to maximise the performance of your set. As well as this we will help you to decide on the make up of your set talking you through hybrid and wedge options and guide you as to what may help your individual game the most.

This session costs £25 with this amount refunded upon sale of clubs meaning there is no extra charge on buying the clubs off the shelf.

Premium Custom Fit £50

(£25 Refunded)

This is a more in depth fitting process split into two sessions. The first session works similarly to the standard fit where we will help the golfer decide on their clubs and ensure all aspects are tailored to them.

The second session takes place after the clubs arrive in the shop, where we will do a distance gapping session with the new clubs and check the lofts to make sure of good yardages throughout the bag. You will also be emailed the flightscope report with all your swing data and yardages to use for reference when you playing.

This session is £50 with £25 refunded upon sale of the clubs. 

We pride ourselves on our precision and attention to detail here with all clubs checked by our professionals on arrival for loft, lies and swing-weight to make sure you get the most from your new clubs.

Club Gapping with loft and lie adjustments- £40

This service is roughly 1 hour long however depending on the player we may need slightly longer or shorter, meaning we would work with you for as long as it takes to get the correct information.

This service will ensure that there is a consistent difference in yardage between every club in your bag, adjusting any lofts or lies to your clubs that may need it. This will include a laminated yardage chart to take away for your golf bag.

Golf Ball Fitting £5

Most golfers are guilty of playing with whatever ball they find whilst out on the golf course. However every golf ball is designed and constructed differently so may not suit your golf swing.

In our studio we have every current golf ball from the leading brands allowing us to find the perfect ball for you. In this session we will analyse your clubhead speed, strike, ball flight, spin rates and preferences to find a well-fitted golf ball.

This session is £5 a real must for serious golfers and golfers wanting to reach there full potential.

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