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After the popularity of our Performance Studio and due to the lack of professionals offering in depth putting coaching, we decided here at AT Golf Coaching to offer something a little bit different to help you improve your game further. This is where the Putting Lab was born!

We decided we would convert one of our old stock rooms into a state of the art putting lab to offer golfers a unique lesson experience. Like our long game performance studio it was designed and installed by the team from MIA Sports Solutions.

Opened in January of 2015 it is fast becoming very popular with players of all abilities from total beginners to local professionals.

SAMs Puttlab 5

In the Putting Lab we use a Science and Motion Sports (SAMs) Putt Lab 5, the world’s most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system. SAMs accurately measures the 28 most important parameters of the putting stroke before displaying them as easy to understand, customisable reports to help each golfer get effective feedback and maximise improvements.

V1 Sports Analysis

Alongside the SAMs Putt Lab 5 we use V1 Sports Analysis which are linked to three moveable high-speed USB2 video cameras to record your stroke from any angle required. The software allows for comparison with top professionals putting strokes making it easy to highlight what is right and wrong.

Our putting surface is one of the largest dedicated indoor putting labs in the country with 4 holes and both straight and breaking putts. The green runs at 10 on the stimp meter giving a fair reflection of a green here in the summer.

Whilst in your putting evaluation we are able to tell how suited to you your current putter is. We are fortunate to have one of the largest workshops in the area meaning we can customize every aspect of your putter including the loft, lie angle, grip, length and weighting to ensure it is suited to your game.

Finally being a V1 branded academy here at AT Golf Coaching we can email you footage of your stroke and technique at the end of your session. This will include a recorded voice over giving you a way of looking back in order to not forget anything from the lesson enabling you to practise before your next visit.

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