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Performance Studio

The Performance Studio was the first coaching facility at AT Golf Coaching being built in March 2014. The idea first came along after we had a very large stock room at Gloucester Golf Centre that was not being utilised to its full potential. This was to become the Performance Studio.

We worked closely with MIA Sports Solutions to plan and design the studio in order to get the full potential out of the space offering the maximum amount of services we could, we then left the team at MIA to work there magic in building the studio.

Our Performance Studio uses the most up to date technology available. We use a FlightScope X2 launch monitor to provide accurate ball flight and club data, all of witch is projected onto the screen you hit into in front of you so you can watch your golf ball fly as if you were outside. Flightscope X2 is known for its unmatched accuracy, allowing us to analyse what the naked eye cannot see.

We use Huxley Golf PTT2 matting, this gives you the nearest feeling possible to hitting off grass due to the depth of bristle in the matt, as well as allowing you to use a normal golf tee so you can tee your golf ball the height you normally would instead of using a set height rubber driving range tee that will affect spin rates of the golf ball affecting accuracy of data.

To keep every reading as accurate as possible we have over thirty different golf balls in stock in our studio in order to let you use the ball you would normally use when on the golf course, instead of a cheap one piece driving range ball witch would again effect date dramatically.

The Performance studio has two high speed USB3 cameras that capture 140 frames per second, these are linked up to a 42 inch monitor on the wall, meaning we can film from down the line and front on at the same time for both left and right handed golfers. The high frame rate and picture quality of the cameras means every position of the swing can be seen clearly without any blurring of the images for detailed analysis.

The camera feed is linked into the newest V1 sports golf video analysis software meaning we can then compare your golf swing to the worlds top golfers as well as show you how your swing has progressed over time from lesson to lesson.

As well as this at AT Golf Coaching we are a V1 Sports video analysis branded academy, this allows us to record and email you a summary video of your golf lesson at the end of each and every session, this is perfect so you do not forget any of the lesson content and you can view it again and again when practicing after the lesson.

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